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You can have a custom abstract embroidery piece created that incorporates your own fabrics. Scraps from children's blankets or clothes, a ribbon from a cherished gift, linens to honor a loved one. Not only will your custom embroidery piece be one of a kind, it will literally be infused with your positive energy. There is no other gift like it.

Your custom embroidery piece can be any size you need, rectangle or round, and round pieces can come with a custom round frame if desired.

Custom Abstract Embroidery prices are:
8 inch $120
12 or 14 inch $1200
23 inch $ 2100

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"Kelly created a piece of art from fabric that was used to make my daughter’s costume for a play she was in. The creativity and thought she put into it was truly amazing. We have it displayed in our home and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It is such a beautiful way to remember the performance and the joy it brought us. "

~ Kathleen