NSFW Mandalas

A coloring book full of slightly inappropriate words self published through Lulu.com.

Rats mandala in color

Mindful Mandalas

Mindful Mandalas, a practice in mindful creativity, is filled with mandalas for you to color, quotes to inspire your creativity, and some motivation that will encourage you to approach each day with a mindful attitude. The world needs more joy and less busyness and this book will give you the opportunity to slow down, breathe, and take care of yourself. Even if you have only a few minutes a day, the practice of creating and coloring mandalas is a great addition to your self care routine. Anyone can do this!

Digital Art Therapy

Material, Methods, and Applications

Edited by Rick L. Garner – I contributed the chapter, iPad Apps and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The chapter is a case study based on my experience with a client that suffered a traumatic brain injury and we used a selection of apps to improve communication and mood.