Bundles of Joy

Kelly Darke

Bundles of Joy, 2020-present and will continue indefinitely

Fiber, fabric, string, yarn, paper,...

An ongoing, evolving art piece that involves an active mediation to create the wrapped fiber bundles. Each bundle is created with a positive intention that is embedded into the work itself through the act of wrapping while meditating on the positive intention.

To create a Bundle of Joy:
1. Think of the positive energy you want to focus on - the energy you want to increase. This could be a word - Love, Gratitude, Hope... - or this could be a specific joyful memory that brings a smile to your face and the physical feeling of joy in your body - the birth of a child; gazing at a loved one; laughter with friends...
2. Write that positive word or memory on a piece of paper OR hold the word / memory in mind
3. Choose fabrics and materials that feel right for this process
4. Wrap the paper with these fabrics or bundle them together
5. Choose string and yarn that feels right and begin wrapping the bundle of fabrics you are holding in your hand
6. As you are wrapping this bundle, keep the memory / positive word in the forefront of your mind throughout the entire process.
7. Continue wrapping until if feels complete
8. Tie the last string around the bundle

The finished Bundle of Joy can be added to the main installation and expand the positive energy contained within.

Each piece carries with it that positive energy throughout its lifespan.

  • If the bundle comes undone (unravels) - then the positive energy of the intention is getting dispersed to the people and things around you.
  • If the bundle is lost - then the positive energy of the intention is carried to the one who finds it.
  • If the bundle is destroyed - then the positive energy of the intention is carried with you.