Hi everyone – I hope you are doing well

Today (Sunday May 16, 2021) is the beginning of a new embroidery project:

Community Topography

it will be similar to Inner Landscape Topography, but this time I’m inviting you to participate.

The finished piece will be approximately 10 feet wide by 5 feet high. I’m hoping to get people from around the world to contribute to this and infuse the piece with love and support.

Here are the initial guidelines:


  • Send an envelope of fabric, fiber, string, thread, scraps… along with a story to my studio. (address is below)

  • I’m imagining stories that the fiber holds, what it means to you, how it makes you feel, and/or your story as an artist / human.

  • Handwritten would be beautiful

  • By participating and sending your envelope to me you give me permission to use the materials you send, to use your name (or initials or anonymous is fine, you just have to tell me), to use your location (example: Westland, MI 48185), to use your story in the project (currently plans are to create a companion book), to use all this stuff in marketing. Also, that you understand that you are participating freely, without compensation. If I do get to sell this piece when it’s complete I will donate a portion of the proceeds to support LGBTQ youth (still figuring out the best organization for that).

Here’s an example of what you could send:

Mindful Art Center – Kelly Darke
Studio #13
50755 Cherry Hill Rd.
Canton, MI 48188