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I use new and recycled materials to create highly textured hand embroidered art that evokes a positive visceral response.


I use the traditional technique of hand embroidery because I feel there is an intuitive, calming connection between fiber art and mood. I believe that our sense of touch is directly linked to emotions and fibers are a part of all of our lives from the blanket we were swaddled in as a baby to the clothes we currently wear.


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Please email to discuss your custom portrait. I will work with you to choose the best photo to work from and talk with you so that I can get a good feel for your personality and style. It’s important for me to connect with you so that I can think of all your amazing qualities while I stitch 🙂 Embedding the portrait with positive energy and love is part of my process and I want you to feel that energy in the finished piece. Your energy is just as important as the reference photo.

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Art & Mindfulness

Creative exercises designed to develop self-awareness and facilitate personal growth. These exercises are based on years of art therapy practice combined with neuroscience ideas about neuroplasticity. When you join the Art & Mindfulness course you will have access to the videos that guide you through the exercises, any templates provided, and the invitation to post and share in the comments. All on a private, member access only page.

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“Kelly’s work is one of my most valued possessions. I purchased Kelly’s work on a whim in 2015. When I saw her work I was immediately struck by the emotion within each piece. Her piece entitled ‘composition study with red stripe’ made me feel calm and hopeful. Since purchasing this piece, I have always hung it somewhere in my home that I can see it daily. It always brings me to a place where I feel centered. I recommend Kelly’s work to anyone who loves beautiful colors and a work of art that evokes emotions from deep within one’s soul.”

~ Katie Cousin