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Daily Visual Journal

Daily Visual Journal is a self-care journal that incorporates images, color, texture, and words to uniquely capture your personal expressions. Using the materials from the supply list, or using what you already have, you can create a visual expression of today.

This workshop gives you techniques to experiment with – your journal is your place of discovery – discovery of yourself and your visual voice.

Each technique is followed by a self reflection prompt for you to think about and write about on the backside of your visual journal. Sometimes while creating a visual journal I have a thought in mind and it informs the artwork, other times I’m just playing with technique and process. This written portion does not need to be completed immediately, sometimes the idea occurs to you much later and a self reflection is obvious. Other times, you may feel no need to respond at all.

Remember, this process is for you and you may have your own routine and ideas to make it work. Great! Use these Daily Visual Journal techniques and ideas as an inspiration for your own work. I would love to see what you create your Daily Visual Journal! Please, share your work and ideas – share your self-care routine and keep creating!

Free Version of DVJ

Stitch Therapy

This workshop is designed as a type of personal meditation using fiber art. Hand stitching is a slow process and requires your attention in order to create accurate stitches but also allows your thoughts to drift back and forth from the colors to the texture to the sound of the thread as it is pulled through the fabric. I often find myself thinking about my day or my family or a memory that has been triggered by the colors of thread or miscellaneous materials I’m using. I take this opportunity of spontaneous thoughts and memories to guide my choices in color, texture, and other materials and trust that as I meditate on my choices the finished piece of art will emerge as it should.

Art + Brain = Happiness

4 Week Art Therapy Intensive

What if you could use your creativity and a few minutes a day to be happier?

I know how much these techniques have helped me over the years so I’ve developed a 4-week intensive art therapy program connecting art and neuroscience to increase your happiness. The methods are a combination of art therapy and neuroscience based on research about our ability to change our brain, to reduce our stress and anxiety, and increase our self-awareness and mindfulness, which all leads to increased happiness.

Each week you will receive an art therapy experiential that you will be invited to repeat each day for at least 5 minutes. The weeks build on each other so by the time you get to the fourth lesson, you will be practicing these techniques for about 20 minutes each day and developing a strong self-care routine for yourself.

This IS for you if:
* you are committed to making changes – at least 20 minutes each day
* you are serious about creating more happiness in your life
* you understand that you need to do the work and you’re excited about it!

This is NOT for you if:
* you expect a quick fix
* you only want to work on your well-being once per week
* you cannot commit at least 20 minutes each day

The program at a glance:

1. Mindfulness : how does being mindful affect our brain? Visually express what you can and can’t control

2. Mandala : daily art – why is it important? Learn to create your own mandala

3. Gratitude : how can an attitude of gratitude benefit us? Create your own gratitude journal

4. Journaling : create a Daily Visual Journal to decrease anxiety