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It’s my goal to share with you ways that you can use art to benefit your overall well-being, from reducing anxiety to increasing empathy, and of course just having fun 🙂 

As an artist, art therapist, and art teacher I have experienced the healing power of art for myself and witnessed it in others – it’s pretty awesome. You can download and print the mandalas I post on Patreon to color at home – I know, there are a million ‘adult coloring books’ on the market, but I’m trying to do more than just follow a trend. I’m trying to convince everyone to make art because it is helpful and it is something we, as humans, need in our lives. Art, and the process of making art, has so many benefits including: reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, improving self-awareness and empathy, increasing confidence, and more. 

By joining my mission on Patreon you are helping yourself feel better through art and helping others by allowing me to provide more mandalas and art therapy tools to everyone. Please Join Now and let me know what you would like to see here 🙂

Creating art is good for you health, both mentally and physically, and I want to encourage everyone to try. Coloring mandala pages is a great way to relax… of course, it’s not the same as art therapy but it is a great active meditation. You can download for free, print, and color the mandalas that I’ve created and posted here for you. Patrons can get their own name as a mandala (or any word you want), written in my handwriting but extra pretty calligraphy cursive style. Also, I have guidelines you can use to create your own mandalas. oh yeah, I also made a book – Mindful Mandalas: a practice in creative mindfulness and NSFW Mandalas, a mandala coloring book of slightly inappropriate words.