Change can be difficult but it can also be an opportunity for growth.

Each year I think about the direction of my art and what I want to accomplish – what do I want to express and what feeling do I want to evoke. Sometimes I start making the work and the feeling is revealed through the process. 

I’ve been creating these bundles of fiber and other materials recently and I’m just now getting the feeling of protection / warmth / safety – kind of like a good long hug. Maybe it’s because we’ve been isolated this past year – maybe it’s the thing we need more of this year. More tightly wrapped communities. More hugs. More love. 

I first thought of these bundles as another way of recycling materials and expressing my love for color and texture – just wrap up all the scraps and make it look pretty. Now, I see them more as an expression of our lives – each made up of various materials and experiences – each similar but unique in ways – each containing elements of everyone else. We are all humans experiencing life in unique ways and I think that’s something to be recognized. 

What I noticed this week…

Small steps matter – keep moving and you’ll make progress. I know that’s been said a million times, but I need to remind myself of that every day! Don’t give up – keep trying – pivot – try again – keep moving forward.